CASE STUDY: How winning a TEMi Award enhanced my career


In 2019 the Employee Mobility Institute (TEMi) launched its inaugural awards program, recognising excellence in global workforce management. No other awards program caters solely to the work of mobility practitioners, so when my team and I heard about its launch we were excited about getting involved. We had never had the opportunity to submit for an awards program before. In my role as International Mobility Lead for the Australasia region at Arup at the time, I was privileged with the honour of being awarded both the ‘Employee Mobility Champion of the Year’ (individual) and ‘Most Effective Transformation’ (team) Awards at the 2019 TEMi Gala.

The internal acknowledgement at Arup combined with industry recognition has enriched my career and propelled my personal brand. Industry leaders and senior management within Arup individually made contact to congratulate and recognise the achievements of both myself and the International Mobility team.

My LinkedIn profile was flooded with comments of support and my networks were substantially increased as a result of these industry awards.

Being nominated as Employee Mobility Champion not only broadened my network within the industry, but also provided a platform for me to increase my learning and development, as well as knowledge sharing opportunities via more comprehensive participation in external Mobility, Talent Sourcing, Immigration and Taxation forums.

Most significantly, after the TEMi Awards I was assigned to a number of key internal projects which allowed me to influence and deliver successful outcomes in Talent Acquisition and redeployment initiatives. Among the many initiatives I participated in, the most critical project was reshaping of the business and assignments following the COVID-19 pandemic. This was a high-profile project at a global level and had great impact on the organisation as a whole. Winning the Most Effective Transformation (team) Award shone a light on the entire Arup International Mobility team. It gave our department more visibility within the organisation, and this leverage was used to rebrand and redefine how mobility and talent acquisition supported the business’s approach to resourcing internally.

Participation in the TEMi Awards empowered both myself personally and Arup’s International Mobility Team in many ways, and following our experience, I cannot recommend submitting for an awards program more. In my experience as an active participant at TEMi’s networking and professional development events throughout the years, I can also say that from a corporate perspective, association with TEMi enables introduction and relationships to develop with other leaders in the industry, expansion of networks and formation of new partnerships.

TEMi leadership huddles and professional development events have informed my team’s strategies and helped us to implement industry-leading initiatives.

I have also engaged a number of service providers in various areas of our business through TEMi. The expertise and professionalism provided through the innovative programs which TEMi offers are paving the way for global mobility professionals to excel.

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