Getting to know the TEMi Taskforce: Tracey Shaw

The TEMI Taskforce is made up of experienced global mobility professionals who volunteer their time to support TEMi initiatives and events, and offer mentorship to junior practitioners. Go behind the scenes and get to to know more about our Taskforce volunteers in this new interview series with Taskforce members – and be sure to reach out to LinkedIn if you want to know more!

Q&A with Tracey Shaw

Tracey is a globally experienced mobility professional who thrives on the complexities of all things mobility. Joining the TEMi Taskforce in 2023, her expertise in the legal, mining & chemicals, investment banking, consulting and distribution sectors is invaluable to our team and TEMi Talent members alike. She is here to help if you have questions!

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself?
Tracey: I have been in the mobility world for far too long, starting my career in London, having never heard of mobility as career until I was backpacking in London. I have also lived in a few countries (NZ, UK, US, Indonesia and Australia) so understand how stressful moving is!

Q: What is the most rewarding/exciting aspect about working in the Talent Mobility Industry today?
Tracey: I truly love that no two days are the same and you never know what is landing in your inbox, and it seems things that others don’t know what to do with somehow always manage to land with mobility. I think it is in our nature to help and we tend to love weird and complex situations. Mobility is like throwing a 100 piece puzzle up in the air and having it all land in place correctly.

Q: Why is having a community focused industry group like TEMi important?
Tracey: Being connected to likeminded professionals through TEMi is so important as we all incur the same issues when new legislation comes out for example and it is good to bounce ideas round with others as mobility is a quirky area to specialise in so having this support is  game changer and good for my mental health!! It reiterates I am not quite that crazy yet.

Q:  What motivated you to join TEMi’s team of volunteers?
Tracey: My role had been made redundant and I was put in contact with TEMi’s Founder, Deborah de Cerff. What better way to meet more likeminded people, keep in contact with the mobility community and help out. It’s fun chatting to everyone, hearing what everyone is working on and staying across hot topics.

Q: What excites you most about where the profession is headed and the impact it’s making?
Tracey: I think post-COVID, mobility now has a big seat at the table. We all proved our worth during the pandemic and now we’re at the forefront, with remote work and flexible work here to stay for the most part. I think the way secondments are structured will change with the lens shifting to ESG as the no1 priority, instead of cost, which will be a close 2nd, but how corporates achieve this will be really interesting in the mobility space.

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