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My experience has taught me that great conversations often start with a curiosity question. So if you don’t mind, I’d like to start this short conversation with a question – when was the last time you made a significant life change (and stuck with it)?

I’m TEMi’s Executive Coach, Noa Rein. My work is anchored  deep in the space of change and transformation. I know the joy of the ‘end’ result as well as the challenge, discomfort and often loss involved in transformation.

I love the quote by nobel laureate Richard Thaler’s quote “People aren’t dumb. The world is hard”. [1]The experience we have as adults in the modern world is both invigorating and perplexing. We have an array of options, easy access to information, and technology that will support our every whim. We also have increasing demands on our time and increased expectations of us. We have every article on social media offering us the 7 ways to happiness, 3.47 ways to take control of your career and 5 products that you need in your life to be your authentic self. This eco-system does not make for a thriving human experience.

The reality is that most (but not all) growth work comes from an unease or a crisis or a career opportunity. We question ourselves and often feel out of our depth in places we used to feel competent. All of a sudden what used to work for us, doesn’t work anymore, and we don’t know what to do next.

This is where the power of coaching comes in. As a coach, I join your path whatever the moment is – that’s where we begin.

I wanted to take a moment to offer a change of script that I often hear when people push against these transformation moments. “I should know what I am doing”; “Other people have it all in hand” and worse. We really are hard on ourselves. I would like to offer a different metaphor – the ‘cupcake to cake’ metaphor of transformation.

Cupcakes are perfect and splendorous. Just the right size. Can be served without any cutlery. Can be eaten take-away or at a party. They can be decorated and have individual flavours. They are 100% cupcake splendor. They don’t need to change…unless they want to. Yup, you’re the cupcake. Together we take a look at your unique 100% value and work to expand and grow into a cake. Still 100%, still you, but more of what you need for the future.

Mobility is a very human experience embedded in complexity and high change environments. It is often an afterthought from our stakeholders and all of a sudden, they need us to be there, knowledgeable and ready for action. That is not an easy landscape to navigate, day in and day out.

TEMi created the Leadership Coaching Series with this understanding. We have splendorous humans doing a hard job. We know that the path is often unclear and the load can get heavy, so we designed a space where we gather to learn, share and practice the foundational capabilities needed to navigate complex, high change service environments. We make space for thinking and ask some really hard questions, so we can help you truly grow.

Register for the 2023 Coaching Program (free to TEMi Members) and:

  • give yourself the motivation and inspiration you need to achieve your goals this year
  • build critical leadership and influencing skills
  • enhance your communication skills for better relationship-building
  • become more confident in your decisions, self-awareness and assertiveness
  • develop your problem-solving skills
  • learn new ideas and approaches

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Noa Rein is a passionate People professional working with individual humans and businesses to design fabulous high performing work environments. In her coaching Noa combines a depth of understanding of human behaviour and industry experience as a Strategic HR Professional to design workplaces that work for humans.

Noa partners with TEMi to achieve the holy grail of business – positive people experiences and strong commercial outcomes!

Noa brings experience as a Organisational Psychologist, Researcher, HR Professional and Business Consultant to achieve  long-term high performance, by designing for positive human experience.

Published by The Employee Mobility Institute – May 2023

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