Noa Rein

TEMi Executive Coach, Spark & Rumble

Noa is a self-confessed People Geek who trained as an ¬†Organisational Psychologist. She is unapologetically and endlessly passionate about understanding and impacting human behaviour in organisations. She is originally from Israel (Noa…it’s not the Ark guy) and has been an Ozy for 18 years. She also provides Executive Coaching to TEMi’s regional and global talent mobility team leaders.

Noa started her grown-up career path in Academia researching, teaching and designing programs in a wide range of human behaviours in organisations. Her PhD research (incomplete) focused on decision making with a focus on Ethical Decision making. Through this work Noa has become an expert in Designing for Good. Noa partners with organisations to achieve the Holy Grail of business – positive people experiences and strong commercial outcomes. This is achieved through bespoke and purposeful design of the people infrastructure to enable sustainable change at scale. We can achieve great commercial outcomes whilst staying strong on human centric values.

In the last 8 years Noa has worked as a Strategic HR Expert in a range of roles and industries such as Steel, Travel and Retail/Hospitality. Some companies were 1200 employees nationally dispersed and others were 150 and in one location. It is always about People People People.

Noa partners with TEMI to achieve the Holy Grail of business Рpositive people experiences and strong commercial outcomes! In line with the TEMI Huddle Noa believes that to achieve transformation that sticks, you need space to spark critical thinking and rumble with challenging conversations. Noa brings experience as a Organisational Psychologist, Researcher, HR Professional and Business Consultant to achieve the holy grail Рlong term high performance Рthrough designing for positive human experience.